Welcome to my website. I wanted to have a place outside of the hustle and bustle of the social networks where I could write about my music and my other pursuits without the clutter and the background noise of the daily day.

A little while ago I spent three months in Amsterdam and amongst other things recorded a large part of my new record 'Dearly Departing' which is now available on this site. I had very little in the way of distraction during those days and as such I got to spend some real time with these songs and the process of capturing them the way I wanted them to sound. I really hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.

The theme of this recording revolves around change and closure. Beginnings and endings. Our drive to move on from the past and into something new. And though the stories hidden amongst these songs are not my own, I suspect it's inevitable that fragments of my own life, my own thoughts, come up for air from time to time between the lines.  The title of the record is my attempt to capture the idea that life isn't a simple series of events that fall neatly into place one after the other. That there is often overlap between great moments where we can spend months, even years, moving, or dragging ourselves from one place to another and that these are often notable periods in our lives. When we depart we don't always slam the door behind us, we often move on with care and tact so that our mark may be found in our wake and those that we once knew, and perhaps loved, think of us with some amount of fondness. Of course it sometimes isn't or can't be that way, sometimes change comes to us at great speed and leaves us spinning and wondering what on earth happened. This record is not about times like that, rather it looks more at the breaths between, the times we spend sitting at the roadside, the minutes that are ours, and often ours alone, before we rise and move on, into something new, another great dash between the cars. 

So feel free to look around, I really don't mind. It's great that you came by. 



Dearly Departing


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